Music Coach 

Find and free your unique musical talents and interests with me.

Hey Everyone! I'm Sarah Saskin and I teach All Levels Voice, All Levels Theory and Beginner Piano just north of Jane and Bloor in Toronto.

I tailor my lessons to meet the goals and aspirations of students I teach. Some of my students enjoy using their lesson time to prepare for non-competitive performances, such as open mic nights, and recitals

While other students, choose to use their lesson time to prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, or competitive festivals and auditions.  My students have placed at the top of their classes at the Kiwanis Music Festival, and have often had successful auditions for the Young Voices Toronto, The Toronto Children's Chorus, The Canadian Children's Opera Company, and Etobicoke School of the Arts programs.

My goal is to help singers build healthy vocal technique, so they can find more ease, joy and confidence when they sing. I also bring my knowledge and experience as a certified yoga instructor into my voice lessons because Yoga is an outstanding tool to help singers relax their bodies and minds before they sing.  

Great singers play the piano - they can accompany other musicians and themselves.  The piano is also the instrument through which Music theory is taught, and songs are composed. So, I encourage my voice students to get comfortable with the piano, and practice yoga before they sing.